Blue karaoke microphone with inbuilt speaker

699.00 550.00


Karaoke Bluetooth microphone with dual stereo speakers and a retractable smartphone holder, Black

  • SING YOUR FAVORITE SONGS: This karaoke mic works with most karaoke apps, so you can sing along with almost any song. It has built in HD stereo speakers, and up to 5 hours battery life.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: No matter what your favorite karaoke app is, this microphone works with almost all of them! The noise reducing mic even filters out pops, hisses and other noises.
  • MAKE A RECORDING: Not only can you sing along to your favorite tunes & make melodic memories with this mic, it also lets you record your session! Just plug in an audio cable and press record!
  • Product dimensions, 10 x 3 x 3 in.
  • WIRED OR WIRELESS: With built in Bluetooth you can use this as a wireless mic or plug it in. It is small, portable, and can be connected to iPhones, Android, Samsung and all kinds of Phones.
  • PHONE HOLDER: A handy retractable smartphone holder can be attached to the mic to hold your iPhone, Galaxy, or any other cell phone, to read the lyrics and see the app while you are singing.


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